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God Picked You!

Reese LeRoy | This message begins our extended exploration of the book of Ephesians.  Paul's letter of encouragement begins with worship emanating from God's lavish love for all of us.  It


Rodger Otero | The Spirit's gifts are God's grace to help us best influence those around us.

Gifts of Healing

Reese LeRoy | A large portion of the Gospels deals with the healing ministry of Jesus.  Every follower of Jesus has been called to pray for the sick and to

Tools for You and Me!

Reese LeRoy | Spiritual gifts are not merit badges or rewards for a few special Christians.  Spiritual gifts are tools that the Holy Spirit wants to give to EVERY follower of

Empty Wells

Reese LeRoy | We can best leave behind the "old" self and live into the "new" creation we are in Christ when we recognize empty wells or "broken cisterns" in

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