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Empty Wells

Reese LeRoy | We can best leave behind the "old" self and live into the "new" creation we are in Christ when we recognize empty wells or "broken cisterns" in

The Common Problem

Reese LeRoy | God’s offer of new creation calls us to leave old patterns of brokenness and pain to live in new freedom and health in Christ alone - a

Resurrection & Life Everlasting

Reese LeRoy | We conclude our series on Easter Sunday with "Resurrection and Life Everlasting."  We'll look at Jesus' healing of Lazarus and see that resurrection is an event, a

The Forgiveness of Sins

Angela Otero | An important part of understanding our relationship with God is the ability to contemplate the forgiveness of our sins, and before we can understand the importance of

The Communion of Saints

Reese LeRoy | As we continue our series on the Apostles' Creed, our focus is "the communion of saints" - the local church.  Jesus builds his church with perfectly imperfect people

The Holy Spirit

This week in our series "The Mystery of Faith," we focus on the Holy Spirit.  The third Person of the Trinity is our Encourager and our Helper in all things

Jesus Christ

Reese LeRoy | We continue our study of the Apostles' Creed with a focus on Jesus Christ, God's only Son, our Lord.  We will consider how Jesus comes in love

God the Father

Rodger Otero | Jesus describes the Father as a Gardener who loves us and wants us to flourish.

EROS- Intimate Love

Reese & Mary-Margaret LeRoy | We conclude the series with EROS because for EROS or intimate and sexual love to be all that God intended it to be, it must

Storge: Familial Love

Angela Otero | Human families teach us broken love, but God can redeem and heal us with the purest love.

AGAPE: Highest Love

Reese LeRoy | AGAPE: love that is unconditional, benevolent, self-giving, doesn't ask for anything in return, and doesn't consider the worth of its object.

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