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The Creative Life

Reese LeRoy | As people created in the image of Creator God, we have all been entrusted with creativity for every arena of life.  Like all of God's gifts to


Rodger Otero | Living within the limits of time requires ever-evolving wisdom.

Happy New Day!

Reese LeRoy | There is so much that Creator God has entrusted to us…things He has created and given to you and me. But are these things really MINE or

Protecting Love

Reese LeRoy | On this fourth Sunday of Advent, we focus on God's protecting love that saves us, protects us, and guides us on this journey of life.

Joy in the Finding

Angela Otero | God puts spiritual families together: sometimes he invites you to seek out family and sometimes he invites you to receive people as they come to you.

Peace with Immanuel

Reese LeRoy | God's formational work in our lives and in our families often comes with challenging situations and circumstances.  As we consider Jesus' earthly family, we see this dynamic

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