The process of being formed into the likeness of Jesus for the sake of others and the world

Spiritual Formation at the Vineyard is a ministry purposed to array individuals and our other ministries with formational tools that facilitate God’s ongoing work in our lives. We collaborate on services and meetings, initiate formational small groups, and offer spiritual direction all with this central aim. God is up to beautiful things in this world, and we simply want to join Him in what He’s up to.

Many of us have a desire to go to deeper places with God, but we’re not sure how to get there. If that’s you, we invite you to participate in some of these events and practices with us. If you are a leader who would like to bring spiritual formation into the ministry you lead, someone from our team would love to collaborate with you. Read more on the specific things we’re “tooling” with right now…

The Clearing

An hour of sacred space to pause, think, listen, & pray

What if…

Life didn’t have to be so unrelenting, so busy, so rushed all the time? What if you could feel free from the pressure to accomplish the next thing, and the next thing, and the next thing? What if the constant input from everywhere were to be put on pause long enough for you to explore your own thoughts–to get centered on your own needs and desires? And then, only then, move forward from a place of purpose and intention?

A clearing is an open space in a forest, especially one cleared for cultivation. What if there was an actual place and a specific time where you were protected to be inspired–a sanctuary for the soul–a clearing in the thicket of our complex lives to take a breath and center in?

The Clearing is our attempt to create such a time and space in the context of our church community. An hour of sacred space to pause, think, listen, pray. It’s a quiet prayer circle, communal meditation time, a contemplation moment, with gentle suggestions and prayer prompts from a purposeful leader. It’s a group of people, being quiet and still, together.

To find out when our next one is, look for The Clearing under Events.

Formational Small Groups

Various weekly and bi-weekly formational focused meetings in a Small Group setting

Spiritual formation in the life of a Jesus-follower happens best in the context of community and with intention and repetition. It’s our aim to offer at least one formational small group each trimester: fall, winter, and summer. Formational Small Groups are less about doing or learning (although that happens too) and more aimed at discovering and surrendering to what God’s already doing in a person’s journey of faith.

All our small groups are vital and the Vineyard offers a wide-range of small group tracks, but if you’d like to choose one that is Spiritual Formation-focused, go to our Small Groups page and select the Formation filter under Track.

Spiritual Direction

An hour of one-to-one conversation with someone trained to assist you in hearing God

Spiritual direction is a prayerful conversation, a format where a person meets with their director and he/she helps guide a three-way conversation between God, the directee and the director. Spiritual directors see ourselves as facilitators helping to identify and encourage the movements of God in a person’s life. Unlike mentors or therapists, we do not generally offer advice or diagnose problems; instead we journey with someone to explore their own spirituality, questions, or uncertainty. We look for the direction together.

We’re working on putting together a directory of our trained spiritual directors, in the meantime, if you’re interested in receiving spiritual direction, contact Angela Otero and she will help you select and connect with a spiritual director.

Supervision Cohort

A quarterly meeting for local spiritual directors providing on-going professional development

A supervision is a positive and enabling process that offers the opportunity to bring a spiritual director and a skilled supervisor together to reflect on work practice. Our cohort brings multiple spiritual directors together at one time to learn from each other as they collaborate with a supervisor. It is the process by which a director can review and evaluate their work through discussion, report and observation with colleagues. If you are an already-trained spiritual director in the Augusta area, the invitation to you is open. Contact Angela Otero to learn more.

Got Questions About Spiritual Formation?