Helping You Tune In To God’s Activity In Your Life

Spiritual direction is a one hour, one-on-one conversation with someone trained to assist you in listening and hearing God for yourself. Sessions take place in a quiet, comfortable, private room. Your spiritual director will usually start with a moment of silence or a very simple question. Then you are invited to take your time as you respond. All sessions are confidential.  Your spiritual director is not there to be invasive or offer their opinions; quite the opposite, they are trained to ask you thoughtful questions, objectively listen, and help you notice how God is already at work in your life. At its simplest, your spiritual director is there to assist you in moving into a deeper conversation with God.

Good Questions

Why spiritual direction?   Maybe you have a sense that there’s “more” and just can’t figure out what it is or how to get there? Not every season looks the same. Maybe you find yourself at a point where it’s hard to pray? Maybe you notice feelings of anger, frustration, or resentment towards God? Spiritual direction can be a great resource for transitioning between seasons and figuring out what might be next.

When and how often?

Ideally we recommend trying spiritual direction for three sessions (once a month for three months), before you decide if spiritual direction is for you or if your director is the right fit for you. After that, many people choose to meet monthly with their director for months or possibly years to come. When you connect with a spiritual director you two decide on a mutually convenient time to meet. Sometimes people feel an instant connection to the prayerful rhythms of spiritual direction, but sometimes it takes three or four sessions before one begins to notice the benefits to one’s soul. Sometimes people try it for a while and then decide it’s not for them. That’s okay too. It’s a ministry option, not a requirement.

Who and How?

Spiritual Direction at Vineyard Augusta is a free ministry offered to all our members. We have six spiritual directors who offer their time for free, and two who charge a standard fee as this is a vocational career.  We will have a directory of our spiritual directors coming soon so that you can see and choose one for yourself. Until then, contact Angela Otero and she will help you select and connect  with a spiritual director.

Ready to Meet With a Spiritual Director?