Ready to Volunteer?

The Storehouse is a choice pantry, meaning clients are able to choose food and toiletry items that best fit their needs. Because of this approach, we have many opportunities to serve available during our hours of operation. This includes making coffee or being a personal shopper and everything in between. As an orientation, for your first visit you will be assigned to a volunteer who serves regularly.

We also offer opportunities outside of our hours of operation. Monthly we receive food deliveries from Golden Harvest which needs to be unpacked and sorted. We also pick up food every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning from Walmart Market. Our pickup volunteers typically have vans or trucks. Trainings and a ride-along are provided prior to a regular pick-up being assigned.

Vineyard Giving Farm

The Vineyard Giving Farm is an organic farm on our campus that yields fresh produce year-round.
We have four church-wide work days per year, but volunteers are needed  on a weekly basis. The farm is managed by master gardener, Elliot Price.  For information about serving at the Giving Farm please contact Elliot Price.