Grades 6 - 12 are welcome.

Our VYouth group is a group of great middle and high schoolers, following Jesus and just doing our best.

Weekly Services



Wednesday Nights at 6:30

A full mid-week service for middle and high school students. We play a game, worship together, and each age group hears their own message. Then, we meet in small groups to discuss applying what we learned to our everyday lives.



Sunday Mornings during Both Celebrations

Middle Schoolers are invited to Pulse during each Celebration to get together in a small group setting to discuss biblical topics in a fun way!

First Fridays


The First Friday of every month, VYouth gets together for something fun! This month, we’re having a Trivia Night in the Vineyard Cafe on October 4 at 7:30. Drop by for some music, pop culture and useless knowledge trivia!

First Fridays

Schedule for Fall 2019

Schedule for 2019-2020


  • 28: Worship Night with Ask Us Anything afterward


  • 6: FIRST FRIDAY: Lock-In at 8:00 PM


  • 2: Sub-Zero: Registration Opens
  • 4: FIRST FRIDAY: Trivia Night
  • 6: Sub-Zero: $50 Deposit Due
  • 16: Outreach Night
  • 18-19: RISE Worship Conference for Youth
  • 27: Night of Worship


  • 1: FIRST FRIDAY: Game Night
  • 3: Sub-Zero: $50 Payment Due
  • 10: Fundraiser for Sub-Zero (Krispy Kreme)
  • 20: Outreach Night
  • 27: Dinner of Love Preparation


  • 6: FIRST FRIDAY: Dessert, Cocoa and Coffee Night
  • 9: Final Sub-Zero Payment Due: $40
  • 11: Final Resolution of 2019: Lights of the South!

Email Kaleb Tillman, Tabatha Tillman, or Tasha Chancey, or see the VYouth Facebook page for more info.