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Child Dedication is an important spiritual milestone for you and your child. We dedicate children to the Lord just as many people did in scripture. It is a proclamation that you are committing to raising your children to know Jesus and one day accept him as savior! What could be more exciting than that! The class will walk you through why we dedicate children to the Lord as well as go over what will happen during the dedication itself.

Learn the significance of this faith milestone for your child by attending the dedication class. If you are interested or have questions, we invite you to attend this class.

This class on Tuesday, July 11 starting at 6 PM in the VKids building (Club 45 area), is for parents of any age child who would like to have their child dedicated. The child dedication will take place on Sunday, July 23 during our regular worship service.

For questions or more information please contact:   Mary-Margaret LeRoy



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