Make space for quiet…

What if life didn’t have to be so unrelenting. So busy. So rushed all the time? What if you could feel free from the pressure to accomplish the next thing, and the next thing, and the next thing? What if the constant input from everywhere were to be put on pause long enough for you to explore your own thoughts–to get centered on your own needs and desires? And then, only then, move forward from a place of purpose and intention?

Contemplative Prayer is our attempt to create such a time and space in the context of our church community. An hour of sacred space to pause, think, listen, pray. It’s a quiet prayer circle, communal meditation time, with gentle suggestions and prayer prompts from a purposeful leader. We’re a small group of people, being quiet and still, together.

Meeting monthly in the Worship Center of Vineyard Church:

Sunday, June 11th, Contemplative Prayer on the Lake

This month we take Contemplative Prayer into the outdoor cathedral with the lake as our focal point for prayer and meditation. Join us for one hour of stillness and contemplative prayer beside quiet waters. Join us at the Church Lake Day for Contemplative Prayer, Baptisms, and food! For Contemplative Prayer, meet Pastor Angela at the Pavilion at 2:25pm to take a short walk to a quiet space.

Saturday, August 12th, 9am – 10am

Sunday, September 10th, 5pm – 6pm

Friday & Saturday, October 13th – 14th, Contemplative Prayer Retreat

Sunday, November 12th, 5pm – 6pm

Saturday, December 9th, 9am – 10am

Contact Angela Otero with any questions.

Got Questions About Contemplative Prayer?