1 Samuel 17 tells the amazing story of seemingly insurmountable evil and good wrapped in a lot of faith. David and Goliath. Goliath told the Israelites every day for forty days that they were worthless and would eventually lose this battle. And for all practical purposes, he was right. Goliath and his army were much stronger and brazen. They, however, didn’t take into account the enormous faith David had in God. They didn’t take God into account at all.

As parents, culture tells us constantly that we are failures and we will lose. Culture incites our deepest fears for our kids. But culture, like Goliath, doesn’t take God into account. David gives us truth when he says “…the battle is the Lord’s”. Daily He gives us everything we need for that day, that battle. This story also says “David ran quickly toward the battle line.” No avoidance or blame shifting. He RAN toward the battle. We can be empowered to run toward the battle in full confidence that the Holy Spirit is with us. Regardless how big our giant, let’s remember the battle is the Lord’s and He fills us with His power and His love.