In Vkids we talked about the story of Naaman. This is 2 Kings 5. Basically, the young slave girl is the linchpin for Naaman’s complete healing of leprosy. We don’t know very much about the girl except she had been taken captive from her homeland of Israel and enslaved. She had enormous faith in Elisha, the prophet of God. She had no standing, no authority, no life experience that would merit anyone listening to her. But desperation opens many doors and Naaman was desperate to be healed. If you read the story, you will find his ‘doors’ are bolted shut by pride, wealth and self-importance.

Each of us has doors bolted shut by many things. In parenting we can have constant inner dialogue about how to react and respond to our children and their behaviors. Many times, God uses our children and their behaviors to reveal our ‘closed doors’ that He wants to open. That’s what happens in 2 Kings 5. God wanted Naaman to know Him, experience Him. And that’s what God wants for us! He wants us to experience His love, mercy and goodness. We just need to open the door.