1 Samuel chapter 3 is a beautiful picture of a young boy learning to hear God’s voice. It’s thought Samuel was about 12 when God spoke to him audibly. That’s young. Samuel’s mentor was Eli. The first two times God calls out to Samuel and he, wisely, goes to his mentor to ask what Eli needs. He has confused God’s voice with Eli’s. But by the third time, Eli realizes what is going on and instructs Samuel to respond to God. Eli helps Samuel learn the sound of God’s voice.

What is our response when our kids ask us something about God or hearing His voice or anything remotely spiritual? Do we encourage it or do we press pause? If we press pause it is usually because we’re afraid we don’t know the answer. Eli empowered Samuel. That shows us Eli trusted in God to be kind to Samuel. Do we see God as kind? Kind enough to care for the person/people most precious to us? It’s ok if we don’t. All we have to do is ask the Holy Spirit to help our unbelief, calm our fears, show us the way. And He will because He loves our kids more than we do and He loves us more than we can imagine.