Advent Week One: “Exchanging Battles for Hope”

God won’t love you more if you do the extra credit, but you just might love his Word more. Here’s your extra credit challenge for the week, should you choose to accept it… Prepare to be surprised and fascinated!

Gift of Peace Box


  • Scissors
  • 1 small box
  • tape or glue
  • wrapping paper or stickers
  • Post-it notes or small squares of paper

Gather supplies needed. Cut a slot into the top of the box. Leaving the slot open, cover and decorate the box. Together, think of things that lead to arguments and write them on the post-it-notes.

Put the notes into the box and talk about how it feels to think about something that bothers you and not argue about it. During Advent, leave the box in a prominent location in your home. Each time the need to argue arises, go to the box, write the problem on a post-it-note and put it in the box instead of arguing – giving the family “The Gift of Peace” this Advent.


Contributed by Angela Otero,

Pastor of Discipleship & Spiritual Formation