Welcome to the Advent 2021 devotional guide! This is an all-ages, 5-minute, 5-per week devotional guide to prepare your heart and soul for Christmas Day.

We invite you to further explore the Scriptures and themes in our sermon series, The Great Gift Exchange. In this series, as we anticipate the arrival of Christ, we will be celebrating how God exchanges death for life, conflict for peace, brokenness for wholeness, and loneliness for friendship.

Each week, Monday through Friday, at 5am, there will be a unique devotional prepared by a handful of staff and leaders at Vineyard Augusta. We recommend listening to Sunday’s sermon, and then continue to use this guide throughout the week to mediate on the sermon’s main text.

And just so you know, there are several easy formats available for this devotional guide:

Also, if you’re interested in learning more about Advent, we highly recommend checking out KeepingAdvent.com.

May Christ come to you in a powerful way this Advent season!

-The Devotional Guide Team