The Vineyard Giving Farm received a grant for 9 raised beds from the Master Gardener Association.  One of our volunteers approached Lowe’s about a discount for non-profits for the wood.  So the story goes, the Bobby Jones Lowe’s store manager, Gary Gunter, had been looking for a community project they call the HEROES PROJECT.  I guess timing is everything.  After a little convincing, Gary chose our Vineyard Giving Farm project.  He was able to include two other stores to contribute bringing the gift to $7500 in materials for the Vineyard Giving Farm.    A total of 9 volunteers from Lowe’s came on October 19, 2021.  The result was:

  • fencing the front perimeter
  • planning a walking path
  • providing 3 picnic tables
  • building 3 herb raised beds
  • completing 16 rentable 4×8 raised beds.

The place our volunteers nurture Mind-Body-Soul provides healthy food to the Storehouse Food Pantry.  The Vineyard Giving Farm is graced by God.

Lowe’s is a friend of the Vineyard Giving Farm. We also received supplies which include knee pads, scissors, spray bottles, organic sprays, bird feed, irrigation timer, rake, shovel, pitchfork, tarps, gloves, etc.  Some other items on the way include the remaining fencing, felt and wood for the walking path, and compost soil.  The impact being made at the Vineyard Giving Farm sets the stage for positive things.   There will be:

  • Rentable gardens (16 beds) for interested gardeners
  • Opportunities for volunteers to complete the fence and walking path
  • Special events held at the Vineyard Giving Farm