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As a Vineyard church, one of our highest values is worship. Musical worship is a powerful practice: It’s an opportunity to declare his greatness for others (and even ourselves) to hear. It is a space for encountering the presence of God. It’s a form of prayer that, because it is set to music, involves our entire selves–body, mind, and soul. God himself works within worship to set us free from our false selves, to form us more into his image, and to unite us together as one body in Christ.

If you have a heart for worship and musical talents that you would like to use to help others encounter God in worship, then maybe the Vineyard Augusta worship team is a perfect place for you!

Our audition process is really low-key and relational. We’ll share a lunch together along with a few other current team members. We’ll share a bit about our lives, our relationships with God, and our experiences in worship. You’ll get a chance to hear more about our team values and expectations. And then we’ll all jam together, playing a few mostly well-known worship songs.

To start with, we’d love to learn a little more about you. CLICK HERE to let us know if you’re interested and to start the process!

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