The Meeting Place

A monthly opportunity for prayer minsitry or spiritual direction.

We all have areas of pain, suffering, physical illness and uncertainty in our lives. The Meeting Place is an opportunity to talk to and hear from God in a supportive, Spirit-led environment. People trained in Healing Prayer and Spiritual Direction will be available to meet with you for focused prayer and conversation.

If you are struggling or just feel the need for additional support, you are invited to make an appointment. The Meeting Place is held on the 4th Tuesday of each month from 6-8pm in the VKids building on the Vineyard Church of Augusta campus.

To make an appointment for Inner Healing Prayer please contact Don Pearson by email at or by phone at 706.863.9766. To make an appointment for spiritual direction please contact Michelle Bauer at or by phone at 706.863.9766.

Testimonies from THE MEETING PLACE:

I am a grateful believer and follower of Jesus.  Before experiencing healing prayer at Vineyard Church my life was stagnant.  I yearned for freedom from my abusive and dysfunctional childhood.  I was still carrying a lot of shame, fear and confusion.  Even though I have been a believer for many years, I was not experiencing the freedom and abundant joy Jesus talked about in the Gospels.

Shortly after attending Vineyard Church, I read about The Meeting Place in the church’s program. I signed up and went.  During the session I felt the presence of God deep in my inner being, and it was there that the Holy Spirit began to work.  As the prayer team facilitated the session, I was able to forgive my father and mother for what happened and didn’t happen in my childhood.  Unforgiveness, shame and fear were blocking me up on the inside.

 I feel much more freedom than I have ever felt in my life.  I have a deeper sense of knowing who my Heavenly Father is and that He has always been with me.  I do not feel stuck.  I feel as though my emotions and thoughts are working together.  I now have compassion for my parents.  I am able to love myself and know God made me just the way He wanted.  I can breathe.  There is open communication between me and Holy Spirit.  I am grateful for the healing prayer ministry at Vineyard Church.

At a Sunday celebration, I responded to a word of knowledge regarding fear which had been incapacitating me for several months.  After the initial prayer I was invited to come to a follow-up appointment at The Meeting Place with a team. During that session it was identified that some of my fear and depression was tied to childhood trauma, something that had not been seen by numerous counselors that I had seen over the years.

The prayer team helped me to take my memories and emotions from that trauma and release them to Jesus, broke the power of generational depression, and prayed for infilling of Holy Spirit.  I experienced immediate relief and an inner “lightness.”  Two additional sessions went deeper and addressed physical symptoms connected to anxiety.  My fears have significantly lessened as I follow the path of turning things over to Jesus, Who is so much more present to me. I have begun to actually hear Him speaking to me, offering words of comfort, wisdom, and guidance – something I had never experienced before.  My connection with Holy Spirit is opened up and my physical symptoms have also experienced healing.

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