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Come volunteer your time at the Campus Landscape Work Party!

We need your help to prune, clean, mulch, and maintain this great campus as we steward our church property. All skill levels welcome! Bring any and all gardening and landscaping equipment you might have (i.e. leather gloves, pruners, edgers, rakes, etc.).

Beginner gardener:   (I can pick up debris, clean gutters, rake leaves, and spread pine straw if you show me how)
Moderate gardener:   (I’m comfortable around plants, I can trim hedges, can bring some of my own tools, can help instruct others on some basics)
Expert gardener:   (I can identify most plants on this campus, know the proper way to prune them, will bring my own tools like chainsaw, bypass pruners, loppers, hedge trimmers)

Need more information, contact Angela Otero


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