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Why get baptized? Who should be baptized? Is it time for me to be baptized? Interested in knowing more about the important step of Baptism? Join us for a class with a pastor where we discuss all this and more. Come, listen, ask questions in a casual setting with a small group of people wondering the very same things. It’s not a commitment, just an informational class. Afterward, your pastor will follow up with you personally to find out if you’d like to be part of our next baptism celebration.

Special Note: There are TWO baptism classes happening. One is for Elementary Age kids and their parents with Pastor Mary-Margaret, 9:00-9:30am in Room 10 of the VKids Building. The other is for Adults & Youth with Pastor Angela Otero, 11:30-12:30pm in the Office Conference Room.

Please sign up in advance!


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