Join a conversation around life, faith, and meaning.

Our home for serving the homeless in partnership with Family Promise of Augusta.

An hour of sacred space to pause, think, listen, pray.

Remarkable things happen when mothers come together.

Vital and transforming events happen in small circles.

Helping you tune in to God's activity in your life.

Being formed into the likeness of Jesus for the sake of others.

Feeding the Augusta area since 2008.

Serving the littlest members of God's Kingdom.

Children aren't the future... they're the present!

What we love and adore and focus on forms us into the people we become.

“Everybody Gets To Play”

In the Vineyard we believe that everyone brings something beautiful to the table–and that means you! Fill our our “Everybody Gets To Play” form below and one of our leaders will be in touch with you about any ministries you’re interested in.